The Applesauce Swap


I love the idea of making some of our family’s favorite recipes a little healthier. So I’ve been experimenting with replacing all or part of the fat in certain recipes with applesauce for a long time. My degree of success has varied depending on the recipe and the type of applesauce used, but I haven’t … Read more

Foodie Fave Five with The Sweets Life


Does the name of a blog ever intrigue and excite you from the moment you first see it? That’s how it was for me with The Sweets Life. It just conjures up images of all kinds of good things, doesn’t it? And Natalie’s blog absolutely does not disappoint in living up to its name. Filled … Read more

Cherry Pecan Chicken Salad


Chicken salad is definitely one of my favorite options for lunch or a summertime dinner. I don’t make it very often, although I’m not sure why. I think it’s because I tend to earmark my chicken for other meals. But after eating this delicious chicken salad for dinner last night and again for lunch today, … Read more

Chocolate Chip Muffins


As many successes as I’ve had over the years with muffins, the perfect chocolate chip muffin recipe has always alluded me. To me, a chocolate chip muffin needs to be super moist and bursting with chocolate chips. All of the recipes and variations I’ve tried have always been close to what I was looking for … Read more

Chicken Ranch Quesadillas


Finally being able to christen my new kitchen, I wanted to make something summery, different and delicious. As I drove from our old house to our new with a car load full of stuff, I started dreaming up dinner ideas. Obviously it needed to be quick as well as the above three mentioned criteria since … Read more

Foodie Fave Five with Good Cheap Eats


In our house, we are all about food that tastes good but is still cheap to make. That’s why Jessica’s site, Good Cheap Eats, really resonates with me. She definitely knows a thing or two about making delicious meals with frugality in mind. On top of that, Jessica is a fan of freezer cooking.  Her … Read more

Cupcake Tips from Hoosier Homemade


Shortly before the school ended for the year, I took birthday treats in for our son’s summer birthday celebration. I really wanted to make cupcakes. But I didn’t want just any cupcakes. I wanted something special like Liz makes. I debated doing it on my own, wishing the whole time that I had Liz there … Read more

Moving Update


We are officially moved in to our new home. Each day we get more accomplished and I’m feeling quite proud of all the work we’ve gotten done so far. It’s coming together quickly – much quicker than I ever expected. I’ve been taking pictures religiously, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to share them when … Read more

Moving Day!


Well, tomorrow is the big day! The packing is done (mostly) and we’re ready to move. I had no idea this would be such an emotional process filled with both excitement and sadness at the same time. We’re excited for the future and our life in the new house. At the same time, we’re sad … Read more