Chicken Lasagna


A good lasagna is definitely right at the top of my list of comfort foods. I think I could honestly make a pan of lasagna just for myself and eat it every day until it was gone without getting tired of it. And I love all kinds of lasagna. A few years, my step-sister-in-law told … Read more

Meatball Marinara Subs


On the weekends, we always love to have a dinner that is a little different, a little fun, and definitely conducive to a fun family night of movie watching or game playing. It’s always a bit of a challenge for me to come up with something new though. I tend to rely on our stand-bys … Read more

Parmesan Meatballs


I ordinarily use a very simple recipe when I make meatballs. In fact, I actually use the same recipe for meatballs that I use for my meatloaf. It just makes it easier when I’m working with a bunch of ground beef at a time for a batch cooking session. I usually start with 5 pounds … Read more

Chocolate Bread


One of our favorite special occasion breads is marble rye. The brown swirl always tricks the kids and they call it chocolate bread. Even though they know better now, the name has stuck. But ever since “chocolate bread” became the normal name for marble rye, I’ve wanted to make real chocolate bread. In the past … Read more

Smoky Chicken Skillet


I love using frozen vegetables whenever the fresh version is out of season. Frozen vegetables are a great bargain, they’re just as nutritious as the fresh veggies and they are easy to stock up on whenever there is a good sale. Lately, I have been enjoying trying out lots of different frozen vegetable blends (the … Read more

Foodie Blog Round-Up ~ Week 5

Since I began my quest to broaden my foodie blog horizons, I’ve found myself veering off on way too many rabbit trails. But the great thing with rabbit trails is that they typically always lead to something new, exciting and/or awesome. Here are just a few of the new-to-me blogs I came across this week. … Read more

Almond Apricot Barley Pilaf

I think I’ve mentioned our family’s love of barley before. We all enjoy the texture and the taste of barley. It’s a great substitute for our usual pasta or rice side dishes. Even our son, who doesn’t eat rice because of the texture, will gladly eat through a helping or two of barley. Aside from … Read more

Three Lakes, Wisconsin ~ The Single Best Town


The winner has been selected in Kraft’s Single Best Town Contest. The honors go to Three Lakes, Wisconsin. You can read all about this fabulous town here. I think it sounds like a wonderful, all-American place to live and raise a family. (Although personally, I don’t think it’s anywhere as nice as our hometown, but … Read more



For as long as I can remember, my mom has been making mini-blinis. Whenever we had overnight company, mini-blinis were always a hit in the morning. And Christmas morning just would NOT be Christmas morning without a plate full of mini-blinis. I think the recipe for mini-blinis may be the very first recipe re-creation I … Read more

Foodie Blog Round-Up ~ Week 4


This week, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the new-to-me food bloggers who join me on Babble’s list of the Top 50 Mom Food Bloggers. The list is full of so many great reads! I spent some time this week stopping in at all of the blogs and I definitely recommend … Read more