Chicken & Broccoli Macaroni


Last Updated on March 10, 2023 This is another one of those meals that comes together super fast, tastes great and the entire family eats in a hurry. It will probably seem a little familiar to several other recipes that I’ve posted here. But I do that on purpose. For me, sometimes the easiest way … Read more

Homemade Donuts


Last Updated on March 10, 2023 I was first introduced to homemade donuts about a year and a half ago when my friend Toni (The Happy Housewife) posted them on her blog. I was smitten right away and made them the very next day. Since then, I’ve made them several times. They seem to get … Read more

Sausage Hash Breakfast Skillet


Last Updated on March 10, 2023 I absolutely love one dish skillet meals. Clean up is a breeze and there’s just something about the taste when all those flavors merge together that I really enjoy. I tend to find breakfast skillet meals to be the easiest to just throw together with freezer and/or pantry items. … Read more

Hot Dog Stew


Last Updated on March 10, 2023 Sometimes, the pantry is the bare. Sometimes, the refrigerator and freezer are also in the same sad shape. Sometimes, you need to make dinner anyhow. On those nights, a concoction gets thrown together from whatever can be scrounged up. And sometimes, you get lucky and said concoction ends up … Read more

Smoothie Cubes


Last Updated on March 10, 2023 Smoothies used to be a daily treat at our house. We’d have them with breakfast or as a snack and they were always devoured. But that was when we homeschooled and had a little more time in our days. Now, smoothies fall in the rotation just a few times … Read more

City Chicken


Last Updated on March 10, 2023 This weekend, my in-laws came over to celebrate a VERY late Christmas with us. When I was thinking of the menu for the night, I kept thinking back to the first time we all went out to dinner together. So I settled on a re-creation of what I knew … Read more

Deconstructed Chicken Cordon Bleu –


Last Updated on March 10, 2023 Ever since I came up with our favorite Deconstructed Broccoli & Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breasts, I’ve been planning to try deconstructing other favorites rolled and stuffed meat recipes. Chicken Cordon Bleu seemed like an obvious choice. We all really enjoyed this dish, although I will admit I overcooked it … Read more

What To Do With 12 Pounds of Ground Beef


Last Updated on February 19, 2023 I spent this morning in the kitchen, tackling 12 pounds of ground beef and filling the freezer for later in the month. I didn’t get to all the things I mentioned in my list yesterday, but I’m still pretty pleased with what I did accomplish. (Including the hour long … Read more