Trying Something New at Panera

Full Dislosure: I received compensation from Panera for time in sharing these posts to spread the word on Panera. However, all thoughts, feelings and appreciations of great taste are, as always, my own.

I’ll admit that I tend to be a stuck-in-a-rut type eater when eating out. Typically this is because we don’t eat out all that often. So when we do, it’s usually because we want the same food we’ve eaten and loved before at whatever restaurant we’re at.

I tend to be a bit more adventurous when it comes to dining at Panera. Basically that’s because I know whatever I order will be good. I have a few favorite salads, soups and sandwiches that I can happily rotate between. But I’ve been feeling especially adventurous lately, which means I’ve been veering out of my usual comfort zone. The nice thing about that is I’ve discovered a new favorite.

My usual meal of choice is one of the pick 2 combinations and usually the soup that I pick is the starring feature of that meal becuase, well…because it’s soup. The sandwich or salad that I have with it, although delicious, is definitely secondary. But now I’ve discovered this awesome new sandwich that shockingly has moved the soup to the second position.

That sandwich is the Mediterranean Veggie. Here’s the description of that sandwich from the Panera website –  Zesty Peppadew™ piquant peppers, feta cheese, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cilantro Jalapeño hummus on our Tomato Basil bread. Let me tell you, there is just something so amazing about the tanginess of the feta combined with the mellow kick of the jalapeno hummus. I know it might sound like a strange combination but it really works perfectly together!

One of the things I most appreciate about Panera is that I can order my sandwiches the way I want them without feeling like I’m putting anyone out. So I get my Mediterranean Veggie without onions or tomatoes. And it tastes perfect every single time. (Now granted, that’s only been two times, but that’s been enough to have me hooked!)

How adventurous are you when you go out to eat? If you’re a Panera fan, when’s the last time you tried something new there?

4 thoughts on “Trying Something New at Panera

  1. This is my favorite sandwich from Panera. I have been known to eat a WHOLE sandwich. I don’t feel too guilty since it is all veggies.

  2. I used to get the Mediterranean veggie sandwich all the time, but now I’m really in love with the tomato/mozzarella panini. Oh my, it’s so good I’m not sure I’ll ever try anything else.

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