Sweet Potato Fries w/ Sweet Dipping Sauce

I am not really a fan of sweet potatoes. I usually skip all of the sweet potato dishes during the holidays and very rarely prepare them at home. Sweet potato fries are the one exception to this.

Whenever we eat out, if sweet potato fries are on the menu, I’ll often order them. I’ve tried making them at home in the oven, but they never turn out as good. I think I’ve discovered the trick though – deep fried sweet potato fries. I understand this cuts down on the healthiness of them, but man are they good!

If you’ve made sweet potato fries in the past and weren’t happy with how they turned out, you should definitely give these a shot. And even if you already have a method that you prefer, try this super easy but delicious dip next time you make them.


Sweet Potato Fries w/ Sweet Dipping Sauce

  • Oil for frying
  • 2 -3 sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into fries
  • Salt
  • 1/2 c. sour cream
  • 1/4 c. brown sugar
  • 1/4 c. crushed pineapple

1. Fill a medium sauce pan about halfway full with oil. Heat over medium high heat until hot. (I never measure with a thermometer. Instead, I test the oil with the handle of a wooden spoon. If the oil bubbles around the handle, I know it’s hot enough.)

2. Add a handful of sweet potato fries and cook until slightly browned and crisp, about 5-6 minutes/batch. Drain on paper towel or cheesecloth lined plate and sprinkle with salt immediately. Keep warm in an oven set at its lowest setting. Continue in batches until done.

3. For the sauce: Combine sour cream, brown sugar and pineapple in a small bowl. Mix well. Refrigerate until serving. This tastes fine served right away or prepared up to 6 hours in advance.

14 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Fries w/ Sweet Dipping Sauce

  1. I tried these for the first time at the state fair and they served them with ranch dressing. I would imagine your sauce is much better! I’ll definitely have to give it a try. I might just have my hubby pull out his Fry Daddy this weekend. Sounds like a plan!!!

  2. Oh yum! I’m allergic to potatoes and have really been dying for some fries! I’ll have to give these a try. I love sweet potatoes in any form…

  3. Thats a really good tip about the wooden handle testing the heat of oil, i’ll have to remember that! I love love love sweet potato fries.

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