Some Coupons Worth Printing

I have a love/hate relationship with coupons. I love them because they are a wonderful way to save money. I hate them because I can rarely find coupons for the things I buy the most since our purchasing of convenience, canned items and processed foods is very limited.

However, I love coupons that make an activity or outing a little bit easier on the wallet. We always try to schedule quite a few activities throughout the summer and coupons can make that a much easier and cheaper process.

For that reason, I’ve really been enjoying my daily email coupon from Groupon. While there are plenty of daily coupons we’d never use, I’ve found it worthwhile to sign up and weed through until I find a really good one, like for the zoo or a favorite local ice cream place.

And since enjoying all these fun summer outings sometimes means we need to pick up a quick meal on the road, I’m excited to take advantage of the Quizno’s offer of any small sub, chips and soft drink for only $2.99 again. We used this same coupon earlier in the summer and it really came in handy during our busy packing-to-move days. This coupon usually doesn’t last very long though, so print it out soon!

What’s your stance on coupons? Love ’em…or hate ’em…or a little of both, kind of like me?

3 thoughts on “Some Coupons Worth Printing

  1. I was just saying this very thing yesterday when I dropped $450 at Walmart (I was out of like… EVERYTHING! We’re trying to eat healthier and so I wasn’t going to be buying any of the processed stuff either… even so, man.. ouch!

  2. I use coupons because the savings are undeniable (the most I now pay for personal hygiene products is tax), but I get awfully tired of them sometimes, too. To use them effectively (without filling your house with processed foods) I think it almost has to be a hobby of sorts. When I check my email in the morning, I check my couponing sites, although I think you could get by doing it when the weekly ads and coupon match ups come out. Right now Kroger’s having a mega event, and while I’ve gotten a couple .49 Tombstone pizzas (after coupon) to toss in the freezer, there are also excellent deals on Kraft cheese (.99 this week after mega sale discount and Catalina deal), Philly cream cheese (free after mega sale discount and Catalina deal), Softsoap hand soap (free after mega sale and coupon), Red Gold canned tomatoes (.23 after mega sale and coupon), Dannon Danonino yogurt (.50 after mega sale discount, coupons, and Catalina deal), Suave deodorant (after mega sale and coupon). Likewise, there was a $2 coupon for Smart Balance milk online recently; on sale at Kroger for $3, I got it for $1 after coupon (technically they paid me .23 for it and goat cheese, since my coupons generated overage). I consider all of these basic pantry ingredients. So, I coupon.

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