Preparing for the Monthly Grocery Trip

I’ve noticed from the comments that several of you grocery shop once a month too. For our family, it’s become a huge time saver and a huge money saver. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I enjoy filling the fridge, freezer and pantry to overflowing at the beginning of each month. There’s just something so simple yet so beautiful in seeing those shelves abundantly filled.

Our first trip is always to Sam’s Club so that we can stock up on the big quantity stuff. Then the Kroger trip becomes the fill-in for everything else – things we don’t need to buy in bulk or things that are just cheaper there, which are usually store brand products.

I love the set up of the Sam’s Club website because I can go through almost all of the food items and write out my list, including prices. That way when we get to the store, I already have an almost exact total of what we’ll be spending. And the few items that aren’t listed on their site are easy enough to estimate. I’m not sure if the other warehouse clubs have similar features on their sites, but I bet they do.Once I’ve finished the list for Sam’s, it’s easy to go through and write my list for Kroger. Lists are definitely the key to monthly shopping success for me. They keep me organized, on track and help me stick to the budget. Lists also mean we are able to get each trip done in about an hour, although the Sam’s trip tends to become more of an event than a chore.

Like many of you, our largest monthly expense is meat. That’s followed by produce, then dairy. (We eat a lot of cheese!) And can I just say that I’m immensely jealous of those of you who are able to purchase your meat in bulk once a year? That is definitely something I think is worth looking into for anyone that has the room to store it.

Our trips each month look very similar. I could probably just use the lists from month to month. Although we do swap out snacks and produce each month so that we don’t get tired of those same things all the time. But 12 pounds of frozen chicken breasts, 20 pounds of ground beef and 5 lb. bags of pasta are always standard.

So, that’s the basics, at least for how it looks in our house. Do you purchase the same general things each month too? What is your experience with warehouse club shopping?

Pictures to follow…after the shopping is done!

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6 thoughts on “Preparing for the Monthly Grocery Trip

  1. Hi, I found your blog from Happy Housewife. We were friends from a previous duty station. Anyway, I’ve heard that at Sam’s you can make your order online, pick up, then purchase @ the store. That way you don’t have to spend that hour @ the store w/ kids in tow. Might save some time. I might need to try that myself. 🙂 Thanks for your GREAT ideas.

  2. Costco does not have that, I love that idea. May be switching to Sam’s when our costco membership is expired. I do like the meat at costco better then Sam’s.

  3. We also do our main shopping once per month. BUT, I go to Super Wal-mart once per month and believe it or not, we do our fill-in shopping at Sam’s! We go through a lot of milk and it is usually the best price there so we buy our perishable items there weekly. I also occasionally hit other grocery stores, but am trying to only do those for coupon/sale combo items.

  4. I don’t shop at warehouse store. I’ve never had a really good experience and it seems way more expensive. We do our shopping usually weekly and stockpile pantry items that go on sale using coupons, of course! 🙂 We recently started going to a natural whole food market to buy a few things in bulk. That’s a money saver for sure. On the other hand, my momma loves shopping at Sam’s. She always picks up the bulk honey for $11 for me. I bet it is a time saver to do all the shopping in one day for the whole month.

  5. I love Sam’s! I do one monthly trip and do my bulk shopping there. Most of my trips there are for the same things month after month, however, there is some variation because there are a handful of things that I need every other month or every 3 months. 🙂 I also love going to their site and making up my list with the prices so I know what my estimated total(because of meats) is before I even enter the store.

    Thanks for sharing your method! Can’t wait to see your pics. 🙂

  6. I see that a previous posted mentioned the “ckick and pull” service that Sam’s offers–you place your order on-line on one day, and pick it up the next morning–they will pull your items and have them ready to go, all you have to do is pay and go. May not be a monthly option, especially if you like to browse, but it doesn’t hurt to know that it’s available if you ever have a busy month and need to utilize it.

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