NCBA’s Beef Pot Roast with Maple Sweet Potatoes & Cider Gravy

The recipe for this week’s National Cattleman’s Beef Association What’s For Dinner Wednesday challenge was Beef Pot Roast with Maple Sweet Potatoes & Cider Gravy. Doesn’t that name just sound like a crisp fall day? Well, it tastes like one too!


I have to admit I don’t make pot roast very often. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve made one. It isn’t that we don’t like it, because we all love it. And I’m sure my husband wouldn’t complain if a pot roast was in our monthly menu rotation.

I just don’t have a lot of experience with different cuts of beef. That’s part of the reason I was so excited to be a program ambassador for the What’s For Dinner Wednesday challenge. I want to learn and broaden my beef horizons. There’s no better way to do that than just jumping right in, right?

Anyhow, this roast made a fabulous special occasion dinner for us. We all licked our plates clean. Two of my children were a little unsure of the sweet potatoes, but they changed their minds as soon as they tasted them. They are just right combination of sweet and savory. Add some of that cider gravy on top and they are irresistible.


Visit the NCBA’s site for the Beef Pot Roast with Maple Sweet Potatoes & Cider Gravy recipe. Then try it…please! I guarantee you won’t be sorry.

If you make the recipe before this Friday (or if you have already jumped in and joined the challenge), don’t forget to leave your recipe link either on NCBA’s Facebook page or on the recipe review page. One or more participants will be selected to win a great grilling prize basket from the National Cattleman’s Beef Association.

And if you make this recipe and aren’t able to finish it all in one sitting, here are a few ideas for using up the leftover meat:

  • Shredded and mixed with leftover gravy (if you have any left) or barbecue sauce and served on buns.
  • Shredded and fried in a bit of oil with diced onions and potatoes for an easy hash. Serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner and top with a fried egg, if desired.
  • In place of the ground beef in these Kinda Empanadas.

The possibilities are really endless, so that’s just a few to get you started.

If you participated in the challenge this week, please let me know. I’d love to hear what you thought of the recipe. And if you didn’t, I’d still love to hear your thoughts!

Full disclosure – I was not compensated in any way for this honest review. I did, however, receive one of the grilling gift baskets from the NCBA as a thank you for agreeing to be a program ambassador.

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  1. This looks absolutely delish. Definitely my kind of dinner. I’m with you all the way on broadening my beef horizons. I love to eat beef, but I need to learn more about the different cuts of meat and how to cook them properly.

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