Grilled Cheese, Meatballs & Chickpeas Birthday Dinner

Thank you so much to everyone who provided me with some creative inspiration for Gracie’s birthday dinner last week. You all shared such great ideas and there were so many that I wanted to implement. In the end though, my husband and I decided that since Gracie was so staunch in her requests we would keep the dinner as close to the way she wanted it as possible. So here is what we ended up serving:

  • Old school grilled cheese (white bread, butter, cheese…as basic as you can get.)
  • Meatballs simmered in spaghetti sauce
  • Tossed salad with chickpeas

One thing I learned with this meal is that grilled cheese tastes really good dipped in spaghetti sauce. Seriously! Try it some time and tell me if I’m wrong.

We wrapped up the night with my favorite (and Gracie’s favorite) chocolate cake recipe and my homemade white cake recipe turned into cupcakes, filled with lemon curd and topped with a cream cheese frosting. The birthday girl was beside herself!