Cookies For Christmas eBook ~ Free For Subscribers

I was in the process of compiling another round-up of cookie recipes that I’ve posted here to give you some more Christmas baking inspiration when I realized there was a better way. It occurred to me that if I compiled all of those recipes in an ebook, they’d be more accessible and all in one place.

So I did just that. The Cookies For Christmas ebook features 24 of my favorite cookie recipes from this site that are perfect for Christmas (or any time) baking.

And best of all, I arranged the ebook in a format that makes it perfect for gift-giving. There are 2 recipes per page, each with a small photo, that can be printed on card stock, cut out like recipe cards and hole-punched. Then, tie with a ribbon, ornament or hold together with a key ring. Perfect for stocking stuffers, teachers, to take to a cookie exchange or to give with a platter of cookies. For those interested in a real treat, check out the gourmet cookie delivery service from Shari’s Berries!

To get your copy of the ebook, you’ll need to subscribe to the Cooking During Stolen Moments feed either via email or RSS.

If you are already a subscriber, there is a link at the top of my posts in your feed for you to download your copy. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “Cookies For Christmas eBook ~ Free For Subscribers

  1. I can not wait for this to arrive- I hope I get it , because I subscribed by E-mail and it is NOT an new E-mail so I may never see it.

      1. since it uses feedburner, it is a time feed- it said ONLY new things are sent, that is why I made the comment so it would be possible to perhaps resend it, but that would mean older subscribers would get it twice, I say tack it to the bottom of a new post that is being sent to make new people get it and not bother old subscribers

          1. deb I did the RSS feed too just now and it was in the link for the current soup article at the top, I have google mail (gmail) was signed in at the time and it took me right there and I was able to download it right away

  2. I have subscribed by email. I really hope I get the e-book. I would love the recipe to the Nutella Fudge Bonbons. Yumm!

    1. The email feed is sent out once a day, so you will receive the link with the next post. As mentioned by others, it is also in the RSS feed, which is instantly available. Hope that helps!

  3. I signed up for email but didn’t get anything. clicked on subscribe via rss and and scrolled to just below the soup recipe and you will see “for free e-book click here”. Opened it right up

  4. I have tried several different ways and feeds to be able to download this ebook…someone please help! I would really love to have it for my girls.

  5. Love the concept of the book but when you try to cut it to make it half size nothing lines up. Thanks for the recipes though.

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