A Day For Baking

I love baking days! I’ve been doing both baking and cooking days for a few years now and they save me an enormous amount of stress and time. Not to mention it makes taking advantage of those stolen moments that much easier! And today was possibly one of the most fun baking days I’ve ever […]

Top 10 Freezer Cooking Recipes

Freezer cooking is probably my most valuable use of cooking during stolen moments. There is no better feeling than knowing that I have a whole host of meals to choose from in my freezer. I always slack off a little (okay, a LOT) with my freezer cooking habits in the summer. Partially it’s because the […]

How To Cut Cantaloupe

We love cantaloupe. We love honeydew. And we love watermelon. And as much as I love serving these healthy and well-loved fruits to my family, I used to dread the whole cutting-up process. But one day, my husband and I stumbled on this method as we were cutting a cantaloupe. It truly is an easy […]

Homemade Cracker Jack

For my son’s baseball-themed birthday party this weekend, I wanted to serve peanuts and cracker jack. I just thought it wouldn’t be much of a baseball party without them. We found the peanuts without a problem, but the cracker jack was another story. Have they stopped making Cracker Jack? We looked everywhere and couldn’t find […]