Bulk Cooking Before Baby

UPDATE – Just over 5 weeks to go until my due date and I’ve made HUGE progress (along with several deviations) on this list! I can’t wait to share all the results on Monday. In the meantime, make sure you check out all the other great freezer cooking plans at Money Saving Mom.

So, we’re at 9 weeks and counting until baby d-day, although if this baby follows the pattern of the last 3, that date could be pushed up by quite a few weeks. That means that I’m really starting to feel the push to get as prepared ahead of time as I can. And my nesting instinct definitely kicked in this week, so that can only help the situation. Along with getting ready for baby, we’re also getting ready for school to start in just under 3 weeks. The kids will be going to a new school this and our 5 year old is starting kindergarten. It will definitely be an adjustment for us all. And as we adjust to both the new school routine and the new baby, I want to make sure I can be as present for the kids as possible. That’s where a little advance preparation will really come in handy. At least that’s what I’m hoping! To that end, I have spent the past few days putting together a bulk cooking list for myself. My goal is to get at least 7 items (one per day) crossed off the list each week, which should leave me in fairly good shape even if I do deliver early and don’t make it all the way through the list. I’ll admit that I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by this list. Yes, freezer cooking has definitely been a regular part of my life for years, but it always had to be deliberately scaled back due to freezer space. Well, within the next few weeks, we are purchasing our first ever chest freezer. And I plan to have that baby packed full of food before this baby arrives! Here is my list as it stands now. I’m sure there will be adjustments made here and there as I work through, but it’s good to have an overall idea of where I’m headed. Breakfast Items



Baked Goods

Okay, here’s the funny thing – this list was smaller when I started copying over from my hand-written list. I kept thinking of other things to add that I know always go over well and that I know we all find comforting. I have to force myself to stop though, at least if I have any hope of getting through this whole list in (less than?) 9 weeks. Anyone else have bulk/freezer cooking plans in the immediate future? I’d love to hear what you’ll be making! Photo credit: makemorecakes

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  1. Wow! I thought I nested before my kids were born but I guess i barely scratched the surface.If you’re able to get through even just a small part of this list you’ll be well prepared. How exciting, just 9 weeks to go – wishing you the best. 🙂

  2. Making more of the toddler french toast sticks this weekend, the boy went through them quickly!

    Quick question, do you use one of those vacuum sealer things for freezing things? The reason I ask is I’ve been on the fence about them. I just have been using the ziplock freezer bags and have had mostly good luck with those.

  3. Great list – good plan – save the eggish things for later in your baking time as I find even in a big freezer they don’t keep as long – and make sure the freezer is doing a good job freezing before putting your hard won goodies in there!

  4. It sounds like you have a great plan–that’s half the work! I remember feeling the same way when we had each of our boys. I had a food plan for 4 weeks in place…some freezer meals, some crockpot (very simple ones), & some throw together type. I had everything to make that plan work stocked & ready to go (with the exception of perishables like milk, fresh fruit, etc.)before the baby came. I still like to do this for the month of December. It’s such a busy time that I never feel like I have time for meal preparation.

    You are inspiring me to get some things ready for fall. I noticed that ground chuck is on sale here for $1.79/lb. I tend to buy extra meat when it’s on sale & do a few freezer things ahead like this. It’s not too ambitious, but every little bit helps.

    The plan:
    -pizza dough (I’ve seen several people mention they freeze it, but I’ve never tried it)
    -ham & cheese sandwiches with poppyseed mustard sauce (if things are on sale)
    -taco meat
    -browned hamburger (just plain to add to soup or casseroles-packaged in 1/2 lb. baggies)
    -bbq meatballs
    -sloppy joe meat

    Best wishes on working on your cooking plan & the upcoming baby 🙂

  5. I’ve been planning my menus specifically with dishes that I can double and then freeze: bolognese sauce; meatballs; pizza dough; etc, but I need to get some breakfast items going for my hubby to take with him when school starts again (he’s a teacher). Between that and canning… I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed, too. One day and one project at a time!

  6. I need to get on the ball with this also! I’m hoping to have a freezer full of meals and all homemade Christmas presents done by the time that the baby arrives… lots to do! Happy Nesting!

  7. Heya!!!

    I bulk cook all of the time.

    Whatever I cook I do double, triple or quadruple batches depending on what pans /oven space I have and what I am making if it is that type of dish.

    Then I forget I have them in the chest freezer until I go to get a chicken and I get almost as excited as Christmas morning.

  8. I am planning on doing some freezer meals for my daughter who is due is seven weeks (!!!). My son-in-law loves cabbage – would you share your recipes for cabbage soup and stuffed cabbage. I have never made them before. Thank you!!

    Good luck with your cooking project!

  9. Today during a slow time at work, I was trying to think of ideas for a freezer cooking day before classes start again. I’ve never done freezer cooking before so I was SO excited to see this post! Thanks!

  10. Also curious about freezing the cookie dough…do you freeze the entire batch as is or separate into smaller packages? Is it scoopable from frozen I guess is my question (for just making a few cookies at a time)?

  11. Hello I was looking at your list and I noticed the homeaid PB&J uncrustable things and I was wondering how you make them and also how you make freezer mash potatoes. I have never had good luck with them, thanks for your help

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