Brown Butter Ravioli with Peas & Parmesan

This is the second of 4 check-ins for the 1/3 Less Challenge. Leaving a comment on this post WILL enter you in the $50 Visa gift card giveaway.

I’m feeling like I’m really slacking in my progress on this 1/3 Less Challenge. I had such high hopes and so many categories I wanted to focus around. But I’ve only managed to really focus on just a few of those original categories. I guess too many changes at once just don’t work for me. However, I am definitely feeling the benefits where I have cut back by 1/3, so I guess that’s good. How’s it going for you?

Here’s another quick and easy dish that will get you out of the kitchen in 1/3 Less time. Frozen ravioli is one prepared, convenience food that makes a regular appearance in our house without much guilt on my part. It’s always my go-to option on monthly grocery shopping day. Usually I toss it with some homemade marinara sauce and frozen spinach. However, even for a once a month dish, that gets a little old sometimes. So I came up with this very simple idea instead. It turned out great and was a wonderful change of pace. Plus, dinner was done, start to finish, in about 15 minutes. Perfect!

Brown Butter Ravioli with Peas & Parmesan

  • 1 – 2 lbs. frozen cheese ravioli
  • 1/3 c. butter
  • 1/4 c. fresh parsley, finely chopped
  • 1 1/4 t. salt
  • 1 t. freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 1/2 c. frozen peas
  • Freshly grated Parmesan cheese

1. Cook ravioli according to package directions. Drain and set aside.

2. Meanwhile, melt butter in a skillet over low heat and cook, swirling pan frequently, for about 5 minutes, until golden brown in color. Stir in parsley, salt, pepper and peas. Cook an additional 2-3 minutes, until peas are completely warmed.

3. Toss the ravioli with the brown butter sauce and top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

20 thoughts on “Brown Butter Ravioli with Peas & Parmesan

  1. I can’t wait to try this! Looks great! Very kid friendly, for my little men!! I think the big kid husband will like too!! Thanks!

  2. Saving at least 1/3 on gas is going well. I have even been able to squeeze past the latest gas hike and now will purchase gas on its way back down. Things I did this week that I normally would have driven to: walked to vote (3 miles round trip), ran to a garage sale (had to carry two plastic planters that I purchased back home – 2 miles round trip), and walked to the grocery store and Walgreens.

  3. Yum!! Anything with brown butter is good. We have decided not to have any more children so I have been purging old clothes and baby products that we have stored throughout all these years. It always feels good to get rid of these–and not just replace them with more 🙂

  4. This week seemed hard for me too! I felt like I spent 1/3 less time in the kitchen, but that was because I was working on a mother’s day project, so although I planned my weekly menu, I didn’t always follow it, and I felt like some nights I was just throwing things together. We did okay on cutting out fat, we ate lentils, and they are a great source of protein and no fat…however, one night, we bought papa murphy’s pizza and we killed it right there!

  5. My husband likes ravioli, and I had never thought to try something like this. Thanks!

  6. Instead of baking frozen potpies, I microwave them then for a browned, crisp crust I put them under the broiler for a few minutes.This not only saves me about 50 minutes in time in the gas oven but also speeds up dinner, especially if we are running late or started dinner late. It takes about 6-8 minutes in the microwave and about 3-5 minutes under the broiler. I save MORE than 1/3 of the time as well as less gas used to bake them in the oven.

  7. my goal is 1/3 less rush this week. set up a meal plan and have the ingredients on hand. here’s hoping!

  8. Sounds like a perfect, kidfriendly meal that will be quick. I’m sure well be eating stuff like this a lot with a new baby coming this month. Thanks for the recipe.

  9. I like how you added a veggie and kept it simple. I’ll definitely remember this one for future dinners.

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