A Day For Baking

I love baking days! I’ve been doing both baking and cooking days for a few years now and they save me an enormous amount of stress and time. Not to mention it makes taking advantage of those stolen moments that much easier!

And today was possibly one of the most fun baking days I’ve ever had. It was just me and my two little girls in the kitchen, but a lot of my bloggy friends were having their own baking days too. We all shared our progress throughout the day on twitter. (If you want to see all the fun, we used hashtag #bakingday.)

I actually split my baking day into two days, and I still have a few things on my list that I hope to finish up tomorrow. I started on Sunday with a batch of Blueberry Breakfast Crumble and a triple batch of biscuits. I turned a portion of the biscuits into breakfast biscuits and substituted butterscotch chips for the chocolate chips since that was all I had on hand.


The breakfast crumble is gone now and so are half of the biscuits. The other half is in the freezer.

Today the little girls and I worked together while their older sister and brother were at school. We didn’t have a whole day though since we had a gymnastics class and a grocery trip in the middle of the day. I’m still pretty pleased with our progress.

One of my favorite parts of a day spent in the kitchen is wearing the awesome apron The Happy Housewife made for me. I even choose my clothes for the day so that they coordinate with the apron. I love it!


We started the day with a double batch of pizza dough. I used this pizza dough recipe, which already makes a pretty big batch of dough. We froze enough dough for two nights worth of pizzas and used what was left for tonight’s dinner.



Then we made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. I baked half the dough for an after school snack and froze the rest.


The cookies didn’t turn out very pretty. My oven seemed off all day. (Either that or the chef was off, as my husband so gently pointed out to me.) But they still tasted great. I guess I’ll find out when I bake the batch from the freezer if the fault lies with the oven or me.

We finished off the day with a dozen mini crustless quiches. These went into the freezer for quick school day breakfasts. (More on these tomorrow.)


So, we didn’t make it through the whole list, but I’d still say it was a very productive day. In fact, I think it was exhausting for at least one of us.


Tomorrow I plan to make some homemade crackers, granola bars and tortillas. Then I’m going to try to get a few dinners in the freezer too. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you have baking days? If you do, what are some of your favorite things to make in bulk and have on hand in the freezer?

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14 thoughts on “A Day For Baking

  1. I try to do all of my baking for the week on either Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon. You’re right, it makes the rest of the week’s efforts so much easier. I’m looking forward to trying out some of your recipes.

  2. Could you post the recipe for the mini crustless quiche? Do you freeze these and re-heat? These look like they would be an easy quick breakfast before work in the morning.

  3. Hi! I have tried researching freezing pizza dough online before (mixed reviews) how do you do it? At what point in the rise do you put it in the freezer? This would be a huge time saver, I am all about anything I can put in the freezer. We have pizza every Friday night.

  4. Wow, yum! I want to come to your home on baking day! How do you avoid eating everything you cook that day and actually getting some into the freezer? It all looks so good!

  5. You’ve inspired me! And I would love to know more about freezing pizza dough….I’ve never frozen any dough before (well…except for cookie dough!)

  6. Would you mind to post your recipe for biscuits – I couldn’t find one on your website and they look delicious. Tried out the dough recipe last night – will bake up for my dd’s 4th birthday party on Sat – hopefully it turns out great!!

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